Francisco Eduardo Haz, ISEN professor, participates in the Eramus+ mobility program

Our teacher Francisco Eduarzo Haz Gómez will carry out a teaching mobility Erasmus+ at the Faculty of Communication of the University of Vilnius, Lithuania.

There, he will teach three master classes: about political communication of the candidates to Spanish elections in 2019, about the importance of technologies of information and communication in the university area and about how campaigns from the company IKEA addressed the economical crisis in Spain between 2008 and 2017.

The SPSCH chemistry school of Pardubice (Czech Republic) visits ISEN Vocational Training

Jan Ptacek (Director), Lucia Borkova (Erasmus+ Coordinator), Karel Koubik (Head of Studies) and Michal Skopek (Teacher) have visited ISEN Formación Profesional.

Together with the ISEN teaching team, they have carried out lab practices and emergency sanitary assistance at operations, following the Hartfold consensus.

An activity framed in the Erasmus+ CLIC project in which ISEN takes part.


ISEN Vocational Training hosts the new meeting of the Erasmus+ CLIL project

Erasmus+ CLIL aims to introduce new teaching methodologies through the practice of speaking English.

Until now, international mobilities had been only for teachers. In this case, groups of students representing each institution have participated too. 

The countries which take part in this project are: Estonia, Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain.


Culture, education and leisure with the Erasmus+ CLIL project in Cartagena

From October 17th to 21st, ISEN Formación Profesional has hosted international students and teachers. With this mobility, the goal is introducing new education methodologies through speaking English.

During their time in Cartagena, they have participated in different activities in English following the CLIL methodology. Furthermore, they have had the opportunity of getting to know the culture and history of our trimillenary city.


Erasmus+ CLIL in Education continues with teacher mobility in Italy

After visiting ISEN, teacher have participated in the next mobility which took place in the school of Pietro Scarcele, Padua, Italy.

During one week, all schools have worked together in designing a manual to implement at the classroom with the CLIL methodology, which is being elaborated jointly. 

The next mobility, in this case with students, will take place in march in Estonia.


ISEN signs a collaboration agreement with the “University of Asia and the Pacific” in the Republic of the Philippines

ISEN, represented by Macarena de la Puerta Soler, visit the University of Asia and the Pacific. The goal of this agreement is to carry out academic and cultural activities and exchange of students and teachers.



Erasmus +, a global education

In the frame of the ERASMUS+ agreement, we had the honour of receiving the amazing teachers Vania Trento and Manuela Bergamin from de school Instruzione Superiore Pietro Scalcerle of Padua, Italy.

During a week, we have shared great moments in the classrooms of ISEN Formación Profesional in which they have participated. We are very grateful of their stay with us and we are looking forward to receiving new visits.

Together we make education global!


  • International Department:
    • Javier Gallardo Martín-Poveda (
      Oversees the overall coordination of the Erasmus+ Programme
    • Diana Carolina Ramírez Gutiérrez (
      Manage communication with partner institutions and the national
      agency responsible for Erasmus+.


  • Morgane Flechon: (
    Provides information and support to students and staff participating in
    the program.

    • Erasmus+ Coordinator:
      • Coordinator: Antonio David Pedreño Palazón (
        • – Acts as the main point of contact for Erasmus+ activities within
          the institution.
        • – Coordinates the application process for outgoing and incoming
          students and staff.
        • – Collaborates with academic departments to ensure proper
      • Assistant: Macarena de la Puerta Soler (


    • Financial Office:
      • Emilio Jiménez García (
        Manages the financial aspects of the Erasmus+ Programme, including
        budgeting and fund disbursement.
      • Carmen Mayordomo Martínez (
        Ensures compliance with financial guidelines set by the national